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Our Story

VioletMosh is a recent endeavor formed in London, the UK by two friends who have a passion for fashion. They say the style is temporary but class is permanent; however, we believe style and class are inseparable. So we set ourselves on a mission to construct a clothing line that refreshes styles and class at the same time. Violetmosh aims to clothe its audience with a unique style that fits a particular perspective in the world- one which amalgamates differences.

Having been brought up in families that traded in the textile industry for decades, we decided to turn away from our day jobs as tech workers and enter into the fashion world with a fresh set of eyes. We realized that, although London (our hometown) is cosmopolitan and large to accommodate different facets of the world, traveling would carve up a new way of looking at things. Our travels indeed inspired us to understand fashion as an expression of a person’s unique being. So we decided to cherish the individual by organizing a clothing line that celebrates it- and here we are.


What we have on display is hand-picked to meet certain quality standards which Violetmosh holds as the key component in its mission. We examine every supplier before any of the products can pass on to our second stage of quality control, which includes but is not limited to the sewing, sizing and labour processes.


Our official motto is “dress for when they catch ya outside”. We are bent on pacing a road towards the celebration of everything that makes a person unique. Violetmosh, as an organization believes fashion should not be confined to the latest trends but to what the audience can contrive out of the ocean of clothes.
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